To build up an overview of the condition of Ireland’s upland paths, Mountaineering Ireland is appealing to walkers and climbers to report any badly eroded hill path you come across between now and the end of December 2014.

You can report an erosion issue by making a simple assessment and submitting your findings through this web-page. You’ll need to give the name of the mountain / route, a grid reference and two photographs (one ‘overview’ to show the problem in the context of the route, and one closer in to show the condition of the path). We’ll also ask you to record an approximate width for the erosion (a walking pole in your photo can help that) and make an assessment of the depth of erosion.

Every report will help to build up a national picture of the state of Ireland’s upland paths. This will assist in making the case for funding to care for our upland paths and for recreation management generally. Future surveys will provide an understanding of how path condition is changing over time.

Guidelines on submitting survey reports

- Path erosion may be evident in a range of situations – on wet ground or boggy ground, on steep slopes, along ridges, and around summit cairns.

- Make sure to report any site that you think is significantly eroded, or that you believe from repeat visits is changing at a noticeable rate.

- Reports from less visited mountains where there is evidence of path erosion would be particularly welcome.

- Submit two photographs for each erosion report (one ‘overview’ to show the problem in the context of the route, and one closer in to show the condition of the path).

- Take all photographs looking up the path (this is better for assessing erosion and the consistency will be helpful to anybody re-visiting the site).

- Photographs submitted should have a maximum file size of 3MB.

- If some standard scale object like a walking pole is laid across the path that can help indicate width in photos. Including a person in the photograph could also be useful to give scale.

- There is no need to send photographs from multiple points on the same route, unless there are differences in the nature of the erosion (e.g. trampling on a wet approach, a gully on a steep slope and bare peat around cairn; in that situation three separate reports from the route would we welcome).

- Grid references for erosion reports should be six figures or more.

Example of suitable photo